Alongside the classic filtration technologies, in the steel industry Area Impianti is involved in interesting applications of technologies for the reduction of dioxins and for heat recovery – solutions that may also involve the generation of electrical energy. This is certainly the case with the innovative EAFORCE patent, applied to gas discharge ducts. Area Impianti’s investments in this sector have been substantial, and have led to the opening of a specialist office for the steel industry, in Genoa.


Area Impianti has been responsible for major bag-filtration systems in the steel sector.

Thanks to the experience it has acquired over the years in the waste incineration sector, the company is able to adapt its treatment systems for the adsorption of the dioxins and furans that may be generated during the various production phases, in order to meet the requirements of steel manufacturers.


The company has what it takes to deliver customer satisfaction by deploying the very best technologies and creating canopies, filters for primary and secondary flue gases from arc furnaces, heat exchangers and axial pre-scrubbers.

The company offers all of the following: electrofilters for pelletising systems, soundproofing of flue gas plant chimneys, extraction of flue gas for rolling mills and tube manufacturers, and coil treatment.