The power of human beings lies in their ability to evolve, better themselves and enhance their own environment, with ideas and solutions – sometimes, daring, often surprisingly simple – such as “Columbus’s egg”.


Area Impianti is staffed by people who have a real understanding of the importance of innovation and of the responsibilities involved. The company’s numerous patents are its greatest treasure, providing objective evidence of its commitment towards working in the present, but with its eye firmly on the future.


Area Impianti is proud to hold the following patents:


Modular casing SCR to use catalytic DeNOx from 165°C, regenerating without downtime


Thermal pre-activator to use sodium bicarbonate under 180°C


Automatic temperature control on the basis of the SO2 contained in catalytic DeNOx systems


Special system for extracting flue gas from electric furnaces for cast iron during the loading phase


Innovative system for the production of electrical energy based on the recovery of the heat of the flue gas emitted by melting furnaces in the steel industry