Dust handling

Every filtering plant poses the problem of managing the separated dust or ash and the reagents. Over the years, Area Impianti has accumulated considerable experience in the handling of solids, developing its own expertise in partnership with the suppliers of reagents. The extracted dust and ash are often mixed with the products of the reactions, which are by their very nature highly hygroscopic and, therefore, difficult to process without direct knowledge of them. In addition, the company’s recent experiences in the field of biomass have led to a more in-depth understanding of the issues inherent in handling biomass.


Dust storage is carried out using large silos or ferrules – equipped with all of the systems for automated filtration during loading and unloading – that are able to ensure compliance with the emission limits.

Two main technologies are used for transportation: mechanical and pneumatic.

Mechanical transports are usually made with closed-chain conveyors (Redler) or screw conveyors; for vertical sections, cup elevators with chairs or belts are utilised. For biomass to be loaded into the furnaces, conveyor belts are often preferred (they are also preferred for the combustion residue). 


Two types of pneumatic transporters are used:

continuously highly diluted (for reagents), made with ventilators or blowers, and anti-clogging polyurethane transport tubes.

in the diluted phase, but discontinuously (for byproducts of filtration), using compressed-air boosters and wear-free rubber composite transport tubes reinforced with steel coils. The boosters are produced on the basis of our own expertise, with special features such as a double-seal valve, triple fluidisation and a double ejector.