Electrostatic precipitators are designed for the removal, within the required limits, of the dust carried by gases generated by fusion or combustion processes. The precipitator is constituted by collecting plates and emitting electrodes. Area Impianti has refined its technological expertise in this sector, optimising it to meet the needs of the various specific applications.


Having started out with consolidated technology, Area Impianti has gone on to overhaul the concept of the electrofilter by applying innovations deriving from its experience in the field and its partnerships with universities.


Specifically, it has conducted research and development on:


  • special-geometry electrodes for superior distribution and increased intensity of the electrical field


  • an innovative pre-heating and flushing system for the insulators to increase reliability and efficiency over time



To design our electrofilters, our Technical Department utilises state-of-the-art software that makes it possible to:


  • integrate solid/fluid dynamic modelling with electro-capturing simulations, optimising the performance levels constantly update the algorithms, comparing the simulations against the results obtained in the field