Gas conditioning

Temperature management has a crucial role to play in flue gas treatment chains.

By leveraging its know-how, Area Impianti has the capacity to optimise in energy terms the cooling and post-reheating phases of the flue gas, enabling at the same time the recovery of energy from the flue gas.


The following technologies are regularly deployed:


Cooling through air dilution

Water quenching

Flue gas/air or flue gas/flue gas heat exchange

Flue gas/water or oil heat exchange


Water cooling takes place in quenching towers, where water is sprayed and then evaporates completely. Spillback and twin-fluid nozzles may be used. The quenchers may have ascending or descending flow. The water used may be process water, with consequent elimination of the liquid discharge of the plant.

The heat exchangers may be tubes or plates. Plates are recommended in the event of high dust levels.


These devices can also be used for flue gas/flue gas heat recovery, pre-heating of condensation, ORC, etc…

Thanks to Area Impianti’s industry expertise, certain elements in the construction of these cooling systems allow them also to be used as reactors. Due to specific, reliable, automated internal cleaning systems (chain scrapers), the injecting of the reagent can take place upstream of the cooler, the volume of which can therefore be used for reactions and adsorptions.


In addition, the special design of the heat exchangers eliminates the risk of the wall temperature nearing the acid dew-point. Partial recirculation of the outgoing warm air makes it possible to adjust the temperature of the incoming air.