Several years ago, Area Impianti decided to diversify its offering and to market itself to the energy sector as an EPC Contractor. The company’s natural propensity to take a renewable approach towards the problem led to the development of complete biomass cogeneration lines. The experience built up by Area Impianti is encapsulated in a comprehensive range of solutions in which heat recovery is combined with purification. Various technologies can be deployed: steam boilers, diathermic oil boilers, classic thermal cycles and ORC solutions. Moreover, the company is able to create these plants on the basis of Project Financing.


Several solutions have been implemented for the combustion of biomass. The nature of these solutions depends on the type and quantity of biomass available, and they can utilise both combustion and gasification technology. Similarly, the heat recovery phase may involve the production of steam alone, electrical energy alone, or cogeneration.


Area Impianti is in a position to manage the approach of the problem right from the start – i.e. from the preparation of the business plan – analysing together with the client or the possible financier the true potential of the investments to be made.

The biomass used includes: wood chip, pomace, rice husk, vegetable oil for internal combustion engines and other applications.

In relation to the treatment of flue gas, de-dusting technologies can be implemented that use bag filters or electrofilters, both under dry and wet conditions.

These solutions are combined with deNOx systems and, where necessary, with (generally, dry) deacidification systems.

If the biomass is not natural in origin, a dediox treatment stage is introduced.