Since 1999, Area Impianti’s involvement in numerous incineration projects has enabled the company to garner an excellent reputation in this complex sector right across Europe. Over the years, in order to ensure regulatory compliance, the company has successfully resolved various issues, leading to significant technological advances and the development of innovative patents. The experience accumulated in the provision of turnkey flue-gas treatment plants has given the company the impetus to propose complete green-field solutions, consolidating existing collaborations and entering into new partnerships in the process.


Applications: municipal solid waste, industrial liquid and solid residue, sludge, tyres.


When it comes to delivering turnkey solutions, Area Impianti serves as the leader or as a member of joint ventures constituted by highly qualified companies that specialise in the provision of key elements of the process, such as the furnace, the gasifier or the boiler.

The skill sets within the group allow for the organic management of the project, as well as the end-to-end supply of the gas flue treatment and thermal cycle.

For civil engineering projects, the works are generally entrusted to local businesses, which are managed within the joint venture. 


In terms of Area Impianti’s direct experience in flue gas treatment, the company is one of the leading names in the sector, and is renowned for its reliable and innovative solutions.

While it is able to deliver fully wet or semi-wet solutions, most of the projects involve dry or semi-dry solutions: one of the company’s main specialisations.

Particularly worthy of note are the treatment lines that see the deployment of the Area Impianti patented low-temperature SRC solutions, in which the entire, high-performance treatment is completed with no requirement for the re-heating of the flue gas, which is released at T<130°C.